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David Paton | Spirit of the Water

David Paton

October 29, 1949 / Edinburgh, Scotland


From Wikipedia

David Paton (born 29 October 1949, Edinburgh, Scotland) is a bass and guitar player, most notably with three different bands: Pilot, Alan Parsons Project, and Camel. He has also worked as a solo artist, session musician, and sometime vocalist.

In the Eighties David was well-known for his work with Elton John in studio albums and touring around the world. Other credits include bass and backing vocals for several records by Fish, and, in the late 1990s, numerous albums by Rick Wakeman.

Paton was a member of an early version of the Bay City Rollers.

In 1984, he was a member of Keats.

Paton also appeared solo in the Countdown Spectacular 2 concert series in Australia, between August and September 2007, as a performer and musical director. He sang on Pilot’s two big hits: “January” and “Magic”.

From davidpaton.com

David Paton’s website link (here).

The name David Paton doesn’t conjure up images of Grammys, glitz, or gyrating hips. His face may never have appeared on the cover of the Rolling Stone and he hasn’t headlined the half-time show at the Super Bowl. Yet, David has left an indelible mark on the Rock and Pop world. Clearly one of the most respected, underrated, and versatile musicians in the business, David Paton has been writing, singing, and playing great music for over a quarter of a century.

Early on in his music career, David’s talent as a songwriter was quite evident. His catchy pop tunes Magic and January propelled his band to the top of the charts. There were few bands soaring as high as PILOT in 1975. Unfortunately, some crew changes, poor management, and the demand for the individual members as session players ultimately led to the band’s grounding in 1977. But a legacy of hit singles, 2 charismatic tours, and 4 remarkable albums proved PILOT wasn’t just some fly by night teenybopper band. The band took its music seriously and it showed.

As a singer, David is equally as impressive. The appealing melodies and distinctive harmonies he displayed with PILOT complimented each other and commanded your complete attention. As David moved on to other bands such as THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT and CAMEL, his vocals continued to captivate the ear. While most people are familiar with his Project vocals, some of his more obscure vocal work is worth noting. His vocals on “Heroes” from CAMEL’s 1982 album Single Factor are simply mesmerising. Once they get in your head, the haunting melodies may never leave. His vocals on his own traditional Scottish albums bring out the best of his versatility and ability to write in a particular style and arrange pieces of music by the likes of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.

As a player, whether in the studio or on the stage, David is up there with the best. His bass licks on ELTON JOHN’s tunes such as Nikita and live performances with Elton were simply brilliant. His classical guitar work with RICK WAKEMAN is equally as memorable. The list of artists he has worked with is long and diverse ranging from the Hard Rock of JIMMY PAGE, to the Progressive Rock of FISH, to the traditional Scottish tunes of such artists as PHIL CUNNINGHAM and DICK GAUGHAN.

When one sees David play live, you really see what he is all about; straight forward, no nonsense, passionate music! David is too modest about his accomplishments and the last person inclined to herald The Alan Parsons Project anthem of “Let’s Talk About Me”. So if you want to know more about his accomplishments and current work, click away and experience the MAGIC of

MySpace link (here).


Year Format Artist Title
1968 Single Boots The Animal in Me
1968 Single Boots Keep Your Lovelight Burning
1971 Single Chrystian Nursery Lane
1974 Album Pilot From The Album of The Same Name
1974 Single Scotch Mist Ra Ta Ta
1975 Album Pilot Second Flight
1975 Single Jack Harris Sail Away
1975 Single Pilot Lady Luck
1975 Album David Courtney First Day
1976 Album The Alan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery & Imagination
1976 Album Pilot Morin Heights
1976 Album William Lyall Solo Casting
1976 Single Marylin Miller You’ve Got to Get Me Higher
1977 Album Pilot Two’s a Crowd
1977 Album The Alan Parsons Project I Robot
1977 Single Paul McCartney & Wings Mull of Kintyre
1978 Album The Alan Parsons Project Pyramid
1978 Album Don Black & Geoff Stephens Dear Anyone
1978 Album Kate Bush The Kick Inside
1978 Album Kate Bush Lionheart
1979 Album The Alan Parsons Project Eve
1979 Album Chris De Burgh Crusader
1980 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Turn of A Friendly Card
1980 Album Pilot The Best of Pilot
1981 Album Chris Rea Chris Rea
1981 Album Elaine Paige Elaine Paige
1981 Album John Townley More Than a Dream
1982 Album The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky
1982 Album Jimmy Page Death Wish II (III) OST
1982 Album Camel Single Factor
1983 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Best of The Alan Parsons Project
1983 Album Andrew Powell + LPO Plays the Best of The APP
1984 Album The Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue
1984 Album The Alan Parsons Project Vulture Culture
1984 Album Camel Stationary Traveller
1984 Album Keats Keats
1985 Album The Alan Parsons Project Stereotomy
1985 Album Elton John Ice on Fire
1985 Album Original Motion Pic. S/T Ladyhawke
1985 Album Various Artists Performance-The Best of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber
1986 Album Elton John Leather Jackets
1987 Album Elton John Live in Australia
1987 Album The Alan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery & Imagination 87
1987 Album The Alan Parsons Project Best of Volume 2
1988 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Instrumental Works
1988 Album Elton John Reg Strikes Back
1988 Single Silvia Griffin Love’s a State of Mind
1988 Album Rick Wakeman Time Machine
1988 Album Rick Wakeman The Word & The Gospels
1989 Album The Alan Parsons Project Pop Classics (Compilation)
1989 Album Matia Bazar Red Corner
1989 Album Frank Ryan You You
1990 Album Catelina Caselli Amada Mia
1990 Album Propaganda 1234
1990 Album Ron Pri Le Bracci E Poi Vola
1991 Album Rick Wakeman The Classical Connection
1991 Album Rick Wakeman The Classical Connection 2
1991 Album Rick Wakeman The New Gospels
1991 Album Rick Wakeman Softsword
1991 Album Camel Dust & Dreams
1991 Album The Alan Parsons Project Prime Time: The Alan Parsons Project Best
1991 Album The Alan Parsons Project Anthology (Connoisseur Collection)
1991 Album Fish Internal Exile
1991 Album Davie Paton Passions Cry
1991 Album Richard Thompson Sweet Talker
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project Anthology (Italy)
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project Hits in the Sky (Hong Kong)
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Best of the Alan Parsons Project (France)
1992 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Ultimate Collection
1992 Album Fish Derek Dick & His Amazing Electric Bear
1992 Album Fish For Whom The Bell Tolls
1992 Album Fish There’s a Guy Works Down The Chip Shop…
1992 Album Fish Toiling in the Reeperbahin
1992 Album Fish Uncle Fish & The Crypt Creepers
1992 Album The River Detectives Elvis Has Left The Building
1993 Album The Pretenders The Last of the Independents
1993 Album Rick Wakeman Prayers
1993 Album Fish Songs From the Mirror
1993 Album Fish/Various Artists Outpatients 93
1994 Album Fish Sushi
1994 Album Fish Suits
1994 Single Fish Lady Let it Lie
1994 Album Fish Lucky Bastards
1994 Album Fish Fortunes of War
1994 Album Rick Wakeman Almost Live in Europe
1994 Album Camel On the Road 1982
1995 Album Fish Acoustic Sessions
1995 Album Fish Yin
1995 Album Fish Yang
1995 Album Fiona Kennedy Maiden Heaven
1996 Album Blair Douglas A Summer in Skye
1996 Album Rick Wakeman Orisons
1996 Album Rick Wakeman Can You Hear Me
1996 Album Camel Harbour of Tears
1996 Album Davie Paton Fragments
1997 Album Gerry O’ Beirne Half Moon Bay
1997 Album The Alan Parsons Project Gold Collection
1997 Album The Alan Parsons Project The Definitive Collection
1997 Album Connie Dover If I Ever Return
1997 Album Andy M. Stewart Donegal Rain
1998 Album Fish Kettle of Fish
1998 Album John McNairn Borderland
1998 Album Alexander Mesek Presented to the Heart
1998 Album Dick Gaughan Redwood Cathedral
1999 Album The Alan Parsons Project 36 All-Time Greatest Hits
1999 Album The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky: The Encore Collection
1999 Album The Alan Parsons Project Master Hits: The Heritage Series
1999 Album Tannas Suileandubh (Dark Eyes)
1999 Album Margaret Callan Faileasan Uibhist
1999 Single Donnie Munro with Holly Thomas Will You Walk on By
1999 Album Fish The Complete BBC Sessions
2000 Album McAllias Highwired
2000 Album Donnie Munro Donnie Munro
2001 Album V.A. (Tribute to Kevin Wilkinson) Green Indians
2002 Album V.A. The Music of Marc Bolan & T Rex Legacy
2002 Album Kenny Herbert The Last Song in Abbey Road
2002 Single Kenny Herbert A Man’s a Man for A’ That
2002 Single Kenny Herbert Live The Life
2002 Single Kenny Herbert Money Tree Fun
2002 Single Kenny Herbert Ever Changing Times
2002 Single Kenny Herbert I Can’t Imagine Christmas Without You
2002 Album Donnie Munro Across the City and the World
2002 Single Donnie Munro She Knows Love
2002 Single Donnie Munro The Weaver of Grass
2002 Album Holly Thomas Oubliette
2002 Album Pilot Blue Yonder
2003 Album Nobby Clark If Only
2003 Album Ray Wilson Change

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