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The Nature of the eBeast May 2006 | Spirit of the Water

The Nature of the eBeast May 2006

The Nature of the eBeast May 2006

Hello Camel Trackers

Spring of 2006 has seen a great deal of unexpected activity behind the scenes. Earlier this spring, Andrew Latimer was approached by Andy Fairweather Low and asked if he would be interested in joining Roger Waters on his forthcoming tour. It seems that Roger is touring this summer, and will be performing the whole of Dark Side of the Moon during the second half of the concert. Roger needed a guitarist who could play, and sing, like David Gilmour.
As Andrew is always interested in new challenges, and especially such an interesting one, he presented Roger with the appropriate material and then met with the band for a rehearsal. As there was no question about his playing ability, his vocal ability was all that needed proving. Although their voices are very similar in many aspects, Gilmour sings fully one and a half tones above Latimer’s range and this put a fierce strain on his vocal chords. On recent Camel tours, Andrew has encountered difficulties with singing due to the general pressure he was under. Realising his voice wouldn’t manage an entire tour, Andrew and Roger “had a good ol’ chin wag” about the feasibility of his doing it, and agreed it was too risky. Thus the guitarist appearing on the Roger Waters tour will be Dave Kilminster.

Of course we at CP were just a tad disappointed, but Andrew so enjoyed the experience, the excitement was palpable. Hearing his reports that Roger was a “gracious and really nice bloke” made the experience that much more memorable for all of us. Roger has invited Andrew and Susan to the London and Shoreline performances, so if you’re up for a great concert you just might see them there. We’re all certainly going to a show (check out http://www.roger-waters.com for info). All at CP wish Roger, and his band, a successful tour. And, of course, you never know what the future may hold. Afterall, who would have thought Andrew might one day be on stage playing Pink Floyd?!

As you can imagine, this flurry of activity disrupted CP. Andrew likes to personally autograph the DVDs whenever possible, and does so when he comes back to the USA. Dividing their time between the US and the UK has meant unpredictable schedules for both Andrew and Susan, but we are now able to tell you that Total Pressure will soon be in production. It really is a great pleasure to bring this project to fruition, since it is no longer available on VHS.
Here are the details of this long-awaited, release:

Total Pressure is the entire concert recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in 1984, and is presented in wide screen format and without added story visuals to interrupt the flow of the concert.
For unknown reasons, PolyGram reportedly erased the original master tapes of Camel’s 1984 concert two years after recording. That master contained four tracks that were not included on the Pressure Points video/DVD. A safety copy had been made during post-production, however the sound is not of the same quality as the originally released Pressure Points. Therefore, CP has decided to present these four “lost tracks” as added material.

Also offered as bonus material is the brief interview with Andrew Latimer that had formed a portion of the Mirror Image program, which aired on UK television in 1985. Once again, the master tape was erased, and a production copy is all that remains. While not of the best quality, it is nonetheless part of Camel’s history, and Camel Productions has had many requests for this short interview to be released. There won’t be a better time to do so. Total Pressure is the perfect outlet for offering this rare footage, making it, at long last, truly total:

Pressure Points
Stationary Traveller
West Berlin
Cloak and Dagger Man
Long Goodbyes
Rhayader Goes to Town
Lady Fantasy

La Princess Perdue
Never Let Go
Hymn to Her

A brief interview with Andrew Latimer for Mirror Image, originally aired in the UK in 1985.

Due to the many requests we’ve received, CP will again take PREORDERS for t-shirts when we accept them for the Total Pressure DVD. Don’t forget that your card will be charged immediately, but your shirt and/or DVD will not ship until our preorder limit is met. Also, we ship all orders at once, so when stock is in, your order will go out in the sequence it was received.
Preordering has been very successful at CP, chiefly because we don’t offer anything until we are well into production and have a very clear idea of delivery dates. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll let you know.

Cheers from The Merchanteers
Paris, Emma, and Harry.

Just like to add my warm wishes to you all as I’ve been absent for a while. The writing of a new project is progressing well, but as you have heard there’s been a few distractions. Hearing from Andy Fairweather and consequently meeting Roger was an extremely enjoyable experience. It all happened very quickly and before I knew what was happening I was playing “Comfortably Numb” at full blast somewhere in London. The band sounded great, and then…Roger asked me to belt out “Breathe”. Singing softly, I could manage it, but needing to belt it out was a whole other story. I did a fairly croaky rendition (Tom Waits would have been envious) but the cruncher was “Wish you were here”. Roger, forever the quintessential Englishman, smiled and said “bit high for you?” We talked for quite awhile. What a nice chap he is, very easy to talk to. I felt like I’d known him for ages. The rest of the band were equally friendly, especially Andy F. and Snowy White — great blokes. So, all in all a great journey, most enjoyable. Dave Kilminster got the gig and although I don’t know much about him, I am sure Roger made a good choice. I wish them well and look forward to attending a show.
Even though we have been a little quiet for some time, focusing on moving, you are still very much in our thoughts. So thanks again for your never ending support. We’ll be back soon.

My best wishes,

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