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The Nature of the eBeast August 2005 | Spirit of the Water

The Nature of the eBeast August 2005

Update from eBeast – 16th August 2005:

The Nature of the eBeast August 05

Greetings Camel Trackers,

Highly Collectable’s Merchant Shop is likely to stay put for the time being.
The Merchanteers have hatched an idea to make things a bit easier for Andrew Latimer and Susan Hoover as they enter the next phase of moving continents. Actually, it was Harry’s suggestion (the idea of his retirement has already lost its appeal) to keep Camel’s shop going here in the USA until everything is in place in the UK, which may yet be a considerable period of time.

Andrew and Susan must not only find a new home, but also new business premises, a new internet shop site, new merchant provider and new payment gateway processor. Our memories of the extraordinary length of time it took to revamp our shop page and get it functioning properly (more than 8 months, and the whole time the shop was closed!), brought us to this simple solution.

So Highly Collectable’s Shop will remain as is for an indefinite period, and that means CP can now restock merchandise, and we can offer some new goodies, too…

The legal processes are reaching a conclusion and soon, CP’s Camel Footage II DVD will be available. The entire track listing can’t be released until the licenses are all sorted out but it will be every bit as collectable as Footage I, with approximately 80 mins. of recorded performances throughout the band’s career, including some never-before-seen clips.
Confirmed tracks are: Another Night (recorded at London’s Hammersmith Odeon in 1976), Skylines (BBC Sight & Sound, 1977) and an acoustic version of Slow Yourself Down (recorded at the Troubadour in 2000).

To avoid any disappointments regarding delivery time, we’ll open for pre-orders as soon as everything is in the final stages of manufacturing. An estimated time- frame is about 4-6 weeks — plenty of time for the holiday season.

Because CP still needs to keep stock at a manageable level, we have decided to take preorders for t-shirts. This means your credit card will be charged at the time you order, as usual, but the orders will be a little behind in delivery as we won’t have them silk- screened until we have a reliable order quantity. CP thinks it will only mean a couple of weeks delay. We’ve had so many queries about shirts, we feel this is the best way to supply the demand without trying to second-guess it.
Given the popular demand for a t-shirt in a ‘medium’ size, as well as our usual large, x-large, and xx-large, we will offer a shirts in ‘medium’. The preorder process will help CP to understand the true demand for the different sizes. As soon as we’re ready to accept preorders for t-shirts and Camel Footage II, we’ll send out an eBeast.

A few folks have asked about the status of the Farewell Tour audio and video recordings. You may have guessed by now that the seemingly perpetual curse on the band for easy live recording success has continued to thrive. As this eBeast goes to ‘press’, we still have no promising news to proffer, but we haven’t given up yet. If and when we have good news, you’ll be the first to know.
For now, CP looks forward to Footage II and some new goodies to offer. We’re all keen to get back to the Camel Shop and roll up our sleeves.

Cheers from The Merchanteers,

Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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