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The Nature of the eBeast April 2005 | Spirit of the Water

The Nature of the eBeast April 2005

The Nature of the eBeast April 2005
— Homeward Bound
— In The Meantime
— Does Retirement Suck?


At last, a quiet moment to sit down and organise some thoughts to send your way.

Homeward Bound
My thanks to all who sent their good wishes for our move back to the UK. It is a big decision, and an even bigger process, so your words of encouragement have been much appreciated. It’s a process that will take time to be completed, though. Moving house is one thing. Moving continents is a whole other way of changing the roof over your head. It’s exciting and, at times, a bit daunting. But since there’s no rush, we’ll take it as it comes.
I am very much looking forward to returning to England but that does not mean I haven’t enjoyed my time here in America. I will always look back on our life here with great fondness. After all, this is where Camel Productions was ‘born’.

In The Meantime
Because such a move is an unpredictable change, we are continuing to work on projects for the future. Right now, we have Camel Footage II steadily working its way through the legal process and is soon to enter the editing stages. I’m not sure when that will be scheduled for release, but Paris and Emma will be sure to let you know in a Camel newsletter.
I’m writing material for a new Camel album as often as time will permit. I prefer to settle in to a definite period for writing, so I don’t get distracted, but that’s quite difficult right now, with the move to the UK being a rather large distraction. Still, I grab the moment when I can.

I’m also still looking forward to completing the Brew project after I get settled in England. Although Doug’s demanding work schedule and Andy’s delicate health pose scheduling problems, and may prevent us from ever undertaking anything particularly ambitious, I so enjoyed seeing them again, and am very much looking forward to finishing our project. Also, Ton Scherpenzeel and I have been in close contact since the Farewell Tour, and we’ve been cooking up some ideas, too. The great thing about being a bit older, a bit wiser (and perhaps a bit sillier, yes), is that we are all more aware of how important it is to have fun making music.

Andy & Doug

Andy, Doug & Andrew

Doing a wave

Does Retirement Suck?
One special reason I am excited about going home is that we feel there could be a chance to tour again. It would be in small bursts, as opposed to a full- blown, 2 or 3 month tour, but some touring is better than no touring. We just might make it back to America, too. We all felt badly about having to cancel our last show in America, due to Denis Clement’s heart ailment (Denis is doing great now). And, with a bit of luck, we might be able to return to Mexico to perform the show that was lost due to the promoter’s inability to meet the financial deadlines, forcing us to abandon that part of the tour at the ’11th hour’. There has been talk of working with a new promoter, under better circumstances. Of course, this is only talk, but that is how things get started.
While I have made many good friends here in the USA, there really is no place like home. Shame I can’t take the weather with me, but it just goes to show that what resides in your soul is the the driving force.

Paris will keep you up to date with Camel news. Here’s hoping we have a chance to meet again on the ‘Retirement Sucks’ tour.

My thanks and very fond regards to you all,
Andy Latimer

(Camel thank Juan Joy for his wonderful photos of the band and Andrew Latimer, taken during the 2003 Farewell Tour, at NEARfest)

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