• A Nod and a Wink

    (11:17) Latimer/Hoover/LeBlanc Goodnight tired little eyes. Time to climb the wooden hill. Sleep tight safe in the night. Wander through your dreams at will. The stars are awa...

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  • Simple Pleasures

    (5:31) Latimer/Hoover When she left the room her perfume filled the air. Thirty years gone it’s still there. How I love to breathe the air she left behind. This tri...

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  • A Boy’s Life

    (7:20) Latimer/Hoover I try to see through your eyes but life keeps changing the view Are we so unalike? It’s a boy’s life after all.. It’s a boy’s lif...

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  • Fox Hill

    (9:19) Latimer/Hoover There’s a fox on the hill and he’s standing still, as if he’s trying to hide. My horse is going after him, he thinks he’ll easily ca...

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  • The Miller’s Tale

    (3:34) Latimer/Hoover And the two friends went home. No need for words, they are as one. And now summer’s over, the light on the fields grows older.
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