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Moonmadness | Spirit of the Water


Released: March 1976
Recorded: 1975
Length: 39:32
Label: Decca Records
Producer: Rhett Davies and Camel

Moonmadness is an album released in March 1976. It is the final album that featured the classic line-up (Latimer, Bardens, Ferguson, Ward) from the band. After the release of The Snow Goose in 1975, the band decided to move back into a more accessible direction by adding vocals to their music again. The album still has an overall theme, just as their previous one did, but doesn’t follow a storyline since it’s mostly based on the band members themselves.

As written in the CD Booklet: Overall, the tracks comprising the album were conceived as a loose concept based on the individual personalities that made up Camel; “Air Born” about Andrew Latimer, “Lunar Sea” about Andy Ward, “Chord Change” about Peter Bardens and “Another Night” about Doug Ferguson.

The cover was designed by Field.

Track Listing

  1. “Aristillus” (Latimer) – 1:56
  2. Song Within a Song” (Bardens, Latimer) – 7:14
  3. “Chord Change” (Bardens, Latimer) – 6:44
  4. Spirit of the Water” (Bardens) – 2:07
  5. Another Night” (Bardens, Ferguson, Latimer, Ward) – 6:57
  6. Air Born” (Bardens, Latimer) – 5:01
  7. “Lunar Sea” (Bardens, Latimer) – 9:10

Bonus Tracks on 2002 Remaster

  1. Another Night” (Single Version) – 3:22
  2. Spirit of the Water” (Demo) – 2:13
  3. Song Within a Song” (Recorded Live at Hammersmith Odeon) – 7:11
  4. “Lunar Sea” (Recorded Live at Hammersmith Odeon) – 9:51
  5. “Preparation / Dunkirk” (Recorded Live at Hammersmith Odeon) – 9:32


  • Andrew Latimer: guitar, vocals
  • Peter Bardens: keyboards, vocals
  • Doug Ferguson: bass, vocals
  • Andy Ward: drums, percussion

Release Details

  • 1976, UK, Deram Records TXS-R 115, Release Date March 1976, LP
  • 2002, UK, London 8829292, Release Date 3 June 2002, CD (remastered edition)

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